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2 years ago we painted 16 different words on 16 different houses. This time the people of Mariscal Sucre chose one word for us to paint on 16 houses.

“Peace” is a word that everyone here agrees with, whether it be in the neighbourhood itself, or in the rest of Bogota, on the other side of the ring road.

We chose the bridge that crosses the ring road as the point of view to see the whole mural. This bridge links the community with the rest of Bogota and hundreds of people walk across it each day. Hopefully people from other parts of the city will also want to stand on the bridge to look at the art, and even cross the bridge to visit an isolated yet very warm community.

Thanks to everyone who helped us make this possible and special thanks to the Universidad de la Javeriana and its volunteers.


Berimo Stadium

After 12 days of work we have completed our biggest piece ever ! For the East Stand of Berimo Stadium, we got together with some of the youth, and decided on 3 words which we all thought might be the most important elements of life. On the West Stand we painted “Lideta” in Amharic. People wanted the name of their slum written big enough for everyone to see it from the main road.
Berimo Stadium is the only football pitch in the slum of Lideta. It has a capacity of roughly 3000 people, and hundreds of people use it each day.



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