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Abdulrahman chose to share the word “Respect”!



We painted Arshad’s house without telling him. He’s a very friendly guy, and we wanted to paint a little surprise for him. We asked his neighbours and family to choose a word and they went for “Muskan” (which means “Smile” ). He works at a hotel in central Mumbai and he was delighted to see our work when he came home! All smiles in Phule Nagar!


Arbaz (17 years old), chose the word “Itcha” (=wish in Hindi). He has big dreams, and would love to travel the world one day! He’s also a good painter and has helped us on different walls!


“Nisarga” (=nature in Maharati) is a word shared by Ajay, a local teenager who told us he would like to see more forests, animalsĀ and water in Mumbai.


“Tamilan” (=tamil people) was a word chosen by Surya, a Tamil mother of the South end of Phule Nagar. She asked us to paint the word using the Tamil alphabet.



“Ekta” (=unity in Maharati) was chosen by Rubina, the leader of Phule Nagar.

Share The Word Project in Mumbai

We’re in Phule Nagar, a slum of the East of Mumbai for the latest episode of Share The Word Project. This time, we’re actually living inside the slum, with a family. It’s a whole new experience for us to be staying in the slum day and night, and undoubtably very enriching.