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We painted Arshad’s house without telling him. He’s a very friendly guy, and we wanted to paint a little surprise for him. We asked his neighbours and family to choose a word and they went for “Muskan” (which means “Smile” ). He works at a hotel in central Mumbai and he was delighted to see our work when he came home! All smiles in Phule Nagar!



Arbaz (17 years old), chose the word “Itcha” (=wish in Hindi). He has big dreams, and would love to travel the world one day! He’s also a good painter and has helped us on different walls!


“Nisarga” (=nature in Maharati) is a word shared by Ajay, a local teenager who told us he would like to see more forests, animals and water in Mumbai.


“Tamilan” (=tamil people) was a word chosen by Surya, a Tamil mother of the South end of Phule Nagar. She asked us to paint the word using the Tamil alphabet.



“Ekta” (=unity in Maharati) was chosen by Rubina, the leader of Phule Nagar.

Manila Video

A year ago we were working in Gagalingin, a slum in the north of Manila, Philippines. Here’s a short documentary of our project there:

Love from the ghetto


The word “Love” was a word many people in Gagalangin wanted to share, and we painted it on the biggest wall available. We felt a lot of love during this month spent working in the slum. We did our best to make this last word look big enough and colourful enough to catch attention and to get the people’s message from the slum to the outside world.

Le mot “love” est un mot que beaucoup de gens à Gagalangin voulaient partager, et on l’a peint sur le plus gros mur du quartier. On a senti beaucoup d’amour durant le mois que nous avons passé dans le bidonville. On a fait de notre mieux pour que ce dernier mur soit suffisamment grand et coloré pour attirer l’attention et qu’il porte le message des gens du bidonville vers le monde extérieur.