¡ Gracias !


Thank you to everyone who helped us with this 4th episode of Share The Word ! Once again it’s been a very enriching month for us and for the inhabitants of Mariscal Sucre. The people loved the project and really appreciated the interaction during our stay. It also helped that we could communicate in Spanish, and have all sorts of conversations. In total, we have painted 16 different words, 15 which were shared by the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, and this last one which we chose. We wrote the names of the people who helped us with the crowdfunding on either side of the word “Gracias” (Thank You).

It was the first time we organised a crowdfundinf capain, and we’re very happy with the way it went, we were able to raise just enough money for the whole project, thanks to your generosity !

If you would like to make a donation, it is still possible here.

gracias-bogota3 gracias-bogota4