Finishing off in style!

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In our last week, we worked on a few of highly visible walls, one of them being a 250 year-old Hindu temple with beautifull carved windows, typical of Kathmandu. It was standing long before the slum which was actualy built around it. The owners really wanted us to paint it and suggested we paint a sun and a moon, two symbols of Nepal which also appear on the national flag. Along with another two walls with colourful abstract backgrounds, these last murals are in places where people walking past the slum can see them, and hopefuly walk further into the neighbourhood.

One of of last productions was a mural reading “Thank You” and written in Nepali. The word was chosen by the kids who’ve helped us a lot these last few weeks. It’s a word we also would like the return, after another great month of intense painting and great cooperation with the people of Bainsighat!