Starting in Kathmandu

Bainsighat is a small slum located in Kathmandu on the North bank of the Bagmati river, in between old hindu temples and a gigantic rubbish tip. The neighbourhood was built 25 years ago, and today it is inhabited by 1000 people from many different ethnic groups.
We first entered Bainsighat a week ago and met the old ladies who rule the slum. We told them about our project and they emidiately agreed that we should start painting. The first word we were asked to share was given to us by two 16 year old girls, Kusbue and Aisa, who simply expressed the word “Welcome”. We decided to make a huge piece stretching over 10 houses, all around the central square. After 4 days of intense painting, the place was full of colour, giving it a very different feeling and attracting people from outside the slum, who got a glimpse of the artwork from the nearby road.
After “Welcome”, we were asked to paint the word “Nepal”. It seems like the inhabitants are trying to get a message across to us.

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