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We’ve just opened an online shop on which you’ll be able to find large prints, polaroids pictures, original artwork as well as exciting “Surprise Photo Packs” of the different “Share The Word” episodes ! Just click “Shop” on our website. We can ship to you wherever you are, and you can pay with any sort of card, you don’t need a Paypal account to make a payement. If you have any questions, just ask.

Nous venons tout juste d’ouvrir notre boutique en ligne où vous trouverez des grands tirages photos, des photos polaroid, des oeuvres originales et des “Pack Photo Surprise” des différents épisodes “Share The Word” ! Il suffit de cliquer sur “Shop” sur notre site. Nous expédions partout dans le monde, et vous pouvez payer avec tout type de carte bancaire, vous n’avez pas besoin d’un compte Paypal. Si vous avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à les poser ici.


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“Aux Arts Citoyens” Show

Thank you to everyone who came to the event ! This first show in Caen was a great opportunity for us to meet people who’ve been following our work since the beginning as well as explain “Share The Word” to the many people who weren’t familiar with our project. We’ve had a few messages from people who live in the communities we have worked in, and they are delighted to see we have been exposing their neighbourhoods and their lives through our art here in Europe. It’s completely part of our work to share our experiences with the public, and talk positively about these places and these people that have given us so much over the last year !


Merci à ceux qui sont venu à l’événement ! Cette première expo à Caen a été une bonne opportunité pour nous de rencontrer des personnes qui suivent notre travail depuis le début, mais aussi pour expliquer “Share The Word” aux nombreuses personnes qui ne connaissaient encore pas notre projet. Nous avons reçu quelques messages de la part d’habitants des différentes communautés avec lesquelles nous avons travaillé, et ils sont heureux de voir que nous exposons leur quartier et leurs vies au travers de notre art, ici en Europe. Cela fait complètement parti de notre démarche que de partager nos experiences avec le public, et de parler de manière positive de ces lieux et de ces personnes qui nous ont tant apporté au cours de cette dernière année !

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¡ Gracias !


Thank you to everyone who helped us with this 4th episode of Share The Word ! Once again it’s been a very enriching month for us and for the inhabitants of Mariscal Sucre. The people loved the project and really appreciated the interaction during our stay. It also helped that we could communicate in Spanish, and have all sorts of conversations. In total, we have painted 16 different words, 15 which were shared by the inhabitants of the neighbourhood, and this last one which we chose. We wrote the names of the people who helped us with the crowdfunding on either side of the word “Gracias” (Thank You).

It was the first time we organised a crowdfundinf capain, and we’re very happy with the way it went, we were able to raise just enough money for the whole project, thanks to your generosity !

If you would like to make a donation, it is still possible here.

gracias-bogota3 gracias-bogota4


Isabel was murdered by her stepfather a year ago. He slit her throat just a few streets awayand she died on the spot. Her Mum wanted us to paint her name on the front of her house, so that in a way, Isabel stays with them, in Mariscal Sucre. Many people thanked us for this mural, telling us that Isabel was a very paopular and respected person in the neighbourhood. Her death was a very difficult time for the whole community.

isabel-bogota isabel-bogota2

Don Pablo’s Wall

Don Pablo is the leader of Mariscal Sucre. He was elected by the inhabitants as the president of the “junta”. He, and Teresa, the other leader, made sure we were safe and that everything was going well for us on our project. He asked us to paint on his house, but it took him a couple of weeks to find the right word. In the end he chose “Honestidad” (Honesty), and explained it was the most importat things in life, especially for a leader.

The next day, he gave us a Colombian football shirt each, to thank us for our work in Mariscal Sucre !honestidad-bogota donpablo2 donpablo1


The “cancha” is a small football and basketball pitch located in the heart of Mariscal Sucre, facing the school. The people chose the word “Valores” (Values) because it is what school and football teach you.

The mural took us 3 days to paint, and was only pianted with dots.

valores-bogota valores-bogota2